“0” Influence – “0” Gained!

I came across this great blogpost today – as an instructional leader in the Calgary Board of Education, I have been reading Ten Things that Matter Most by Tom Schimmer. Tom’s ideas have really resonated with me. Roy Strum, Learning Consultant, Calgary

Tom Schimmer

Zeros don’t work; never have, never will!  While a good number of schools/districts have already addressed this issue through a shift in policy or practice, two questions come to mind: (1) Why hasn’t everyone, and (2) What took us so long?  For some of us, our reaction to this post would be, “Ya we know that already. We did ‘no zeros’ three years ago!” However, the knowing-doing gap is still alive and well in some places which is why I think the topic is still important to discuss.

Now before I go on about zeros, let me first tell you that early in my career I was the zero guy. Like many of you, having received no instruction on sound grading in my teacher prep program, I started by doing what was done to me, including the use of “0”…not that I was assigned any zeros in High School! The…

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