Curriculum Redesign Prototyping – what every teacher needs to know

Hey folks,

You may have heard about the work of Curriculum Redesign in Alberta and might be interested in being involved. Anyone, anywhere can contribute their ideas to what the new curriculum will look like.  The prototyping phase of the curriculum redesign is underway right now.  You can attend or host a prototyping session.  Guidebooks for hosting a session are available on insite at  A description of the work is found there as well. The big idea is to contribute your wisdom, insight, and expertise to the process.  Who knows better about how curriculum should be rewritten than teachers.  You live the work everyday.  You know what a good learning outcome looks like.  You have ideas about what how scope and sequence should be framed.  You have ideas about what is worth knowing.

I invite you to share your expertise.  From now until the end of May 2014, our school division is leading the work of engaging teachers, parents, community about what is important in education. 

One of the big changes in curriculum will be the reduction of the number of learning outcomes in each of the six core subjects for every grade.  This will have huge effect on how teaching and learning is designed and delivered.  It will increase opportunities for deeper learning and provide for more opportunities for relevancy and meaning. 

As the CBE consultant for environmental/outdoor learning, I’d love to have these conversations with you.  Here are some links to relevant sites

CBE Insite page for Curriculum Redesign –   Here you will find links to AB Education’s Curriculum Redesign page, a Convening Conversations guide, Ministerial Order, Inspiring Education, and a timeline for the work.

So you want to contribute… 

Here are some ideas of how:

1. call me up – lets organize a conversation around curriculum redesign – we’ll create a forum to share ideas that will create the prototype of important pieces of the new curriculum

2. host your own conversation – download the convening conversations guide from insite and do the work yourself, maybe as part of your plc.

3. share your own ideas on the google form link found in the conversation guide.

4. attend a CBE system conversation – look for these to be posted on link on line or through ATA


So what is the process involved with Prototyping?

1. conversations about curriculum design – these happen first – they are happening now – attend one, organize one, as me to help you run one – these conversations are important – they are an engagement opportunity to share you insight and wisdom.  This is a unique time as a teacher to really shape what teaching and learning will look like.  These conversations will create the prototype that will be created of what teaching and learning should look like in AB.

2. as the lead school division for grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12, the CBE is responsible for numerous deliverables.  These deliverables will be the responsibility of a Curriculum Synthesis Team currently being formed by the CBE and partner school divisions.  Its the synthesis teams  that will pull together the drafts that will be sent to AB Education for that govt dept to write the new curriculum.

So there you have it – my interpretation of the process and the important work currently underway.  The best place to go for accurate information continues to be

AB Ed Curriculum Redesign –

Inspiring Education –

Ministerial Order –

Timeline –

Curriculum Redesign at a Glance –

CBE Curriculum Redesign  –

Convening Conversation Guide –

Or contact me directly – I am in outlook

Roy Strum

Env/Outdoor Ed Consultant



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