Energy Education – looking for some ideas on where to find some resources?


There is great work happening at our Calgary Board of Education schools.  I wanted to share out a short list of some energy literacy resources in case you are looking for that type of information.  

Green learning –  – you will find lots of topics here that support energy literacy – these are print resources – some are lesson plans, some are fact sheets


Inside Education –  – here there are fact sheets, as well as lesson plans, and a video series about the oil sands


AB Ed approved resources –  there is a video here focused on alternative energy – I haven’t watched it but the topic description looks promising.


CBE EcoSites – this is our system wide initiative focused on environmental stewardship – 


Core –  this of course is a great spot to find resources – here is one from core that is a video focused on energy creation –    here is whole series of videos about green energy – 


If you are looking for some support at your school regarding environmental or outdoor learning please give me a shout – Roy Strum – in the CBE outlook directory or respond on the blog and I will be in touch





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