CBE EcoSites – encouraging, recognizing, celebrating environmental learning in CBE Schools


Hey folks,

CBE EcoSites is an initiative owned by the Calgary Board of Education aimed at encouraging, recognizing and celebrating environmental learning in our schools. 

To become a CBE EcoSite means that your school is advancing citizenship in your students, and embedding learning in the environment, about the environment, and for the environment.  The initiative strives to encourage schools to take action to reduce our environmental footprint, to get students outdoors in natural environments, and learn about important environmental concerns relevant to student interest.

CBE EcoSites recognizes schools by through providing: a banner to hang in your school; a small grant to provide learning opportunities to your students; and professional development/teaching and learning resources for teachers.

Information about CBE EcoSites can be found at:

– what is EcoSites – http://www.cbe.ab.ca/community/ecoStewardship/for_schools.asp 

– what do EcoSites do? How do you become involved? – http://www.cbe.ab.ca/community/ecoStewardship/ecosites_school_involved.asp 

–  EcoSites in Action – showcasing some of the great work happening in CBE schools – http://www.cbe.ab.ca/community/ecoStewardship/ecosites_in_action.asp 



Energy Education – looking for some ideas on where to find some resources?


There is great work happening at our Calgary Board of Education schools.  I wanted to share out a short list of some energy literacy resources in case you are looking for that type of information.  

Green learning – http://www.greenlearning.ca/programs/eneraction#teachingMaterials  – you will find lots of topics here that support energy literacy – these are print resources – some are lesson plans, some are fact sheets


Inside Education – http://www.insideeducation.ca/ElementaryResources  – here there are fact sheets, as well as lesson plans, and a video series about the oil sands


AB Ed approved resources – http://education.alberta.ca/apps/lrdb/detail.asp?id=2461  there is a video here focused on alternative energy – I haven’t watched it but the topic description looks promising.


CBE EcoSites – this is our system wide initiative focused on environmental stewardship – http://www.cbe.ab.ca/community/ecoStewardship/for_schools.asp 


Core – https://www.albertacore.ca/access/home.do  this of course is a great spot to find resources – here is one from core that is a video focused on energy creation – http://www1.eere.energy.gov/multimedia/video_wind_turbines.html    here is whole series of videos about green energy – https://www.albertacore.ca/items/07ebe5c3-75b3-4af6-877f-3994161948d5/2/ 


If you are looking for some support at your school regarding environmental or outdoor learning please give me a shout – Roy Strum – in the CBE outlook directory or respond on the blog and I will be in touch