Charting the Green Future of CBE Schools


The Calgary Board of Education is currently undertaking a series of engagement sessions focused on  engaging the internal and external communities in helping to identify the priorities for environmental learning and sustainability.  CBE staff and students have demonstrated leadefrship over the past 40 years in environmental education.  In particular the CBE has implemented a 5 year strategic framework to advance enviornmental stewardship in our school division.  Significant accomplishments have been achieved regarding facility, community, and curriculum outcomes related to reducing our impact on the planet.

As a school division we have aimed to become a model of local and global environmental stewardship.  We have accomplished much but still have much we can do.  We encourage teachers and students to participate in an online engagement process using the thoughtstream platform.  This is a survey type of tool.  We are interested in hearing the voices of students and school staff in directing the future ambition of our school division in continuing its important work of being a model of local and global environmental stewardship.

To participate in the survey please go to

Additional information can be found at


Roy Strum

Env/Outdoor Ed Consultant



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